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Default 1969 honda cd175 need a headlight

six volt sealed beam headlight,, any ideas?
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Dennis Kirk or a junkyard.
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Also check Ebay and Craigslist. Lots of that stuff floating around.
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I used a Wagner product, I belive it was a 4254, the last time I needed one. It fit right in place on the bike I was rebulding at the time. (Can't remember which one!)

Bikebandit used to sell them new, but I do not see tham listed anymore.

Here's a source for some similar items:


Wait, here's the exact item, but I don't remember paying that much for it:

5 3/4" 6v Sealed Beam
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I always use to tape a six volt VW Beetle sealed beam in the headlight nacelle with duct tape. Big bright light and it only costs around six bucks ($1.00 per volt).

Beats paying thirty bucks for one. And I thought a '69 CL175 was 12 volts?
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