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suprdave 06-02-2011 07:30 PM

Magna Restore
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mikegoiri 09-09-2011 10:50 PM

1982 honda magna
Hi, I've bought recently a 1982 honda magna and a couple of days ago I messed up cleaning the gas tank since it had a lot of rust. After cleaning it and drying it with an industrial drier, I started reassembling the gas tank, snugging clamps etc and I made the big mistake of not putting a lot of pressure between the gas tank and the gas hose that connects to the reserve tank. Consequently, it started leaking gas, did not notice a the moment, and when I finally though that I had it ready, I hit the start button. A second afterwards, the bike was dead, and I started regretting doing this overhauling since there's not too many sunny days left before the chilly winter.
Going to the point, after this mess, when I turn the switch on, the lights and everything is ok, but the starter doesn't work. I took it out, and it's ok, and I know I should of started with the fuses (it's all about messing up and learning, next time first things first). Well, right now, I got the selenoid, and there's no continuity, maybe this component is the one that has been fried since it's the one that came into contact with the gas leakage.
Well, I would appreciate very much any input into this current mess that I've got into, nevertheless, safe riding and peace!!

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