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The_AirHawk 10-01-2008 05:01 PM

2008 Bikes, Blues, and BBQ deemed "Safe as Milk" :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source

I went to it last Friday. They had cops from every neighboring city "moonlighting" I expect.

The Allman Brothers played as the headline band.

One guy I work with; his Wife works at XNA (local International Airport) and she saw some people wheeling a beatup old Rocker around the Terminal on Friday morning - I think his name was Greg Allman.

Last year there was one moto-fatality, and some kind of bar-room brawl the year before that, I think it was over a disagreement on the winner of the Discovery-Channel "Biker Buildoff".

Next thing you know, they're gonna have a "knit off" or maybe an apple-pie-eating contest.

I really need to go home and shower - I stink like Beaver (the animal, not the..... nevermind.......), I busted-down two dams the little buck-toothed, flat-tailed Rats built this afternoon. F'ers had flooded about 13 acres of my Mill property, and the neighboring La-Z-Boy factory's property. Did you guys know they put their "musk" all throughout the mud they use in building their dams? Now you do.........

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