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Administrator 07-01-2008 01:14 PM

Four MotoGP races to air on network TV
Original Article:
Four MotoGP races to air on network TV

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seruzawa 07-01-2008 02:08 PM

Good to see they are doing this. I'll have have to program the vcr. Either that of get one of those dilletante, 1K per year bikers like sarnali or BrowningBAR to tape them for me.

sfcdjevans 07-01-2008 03:47 PM

The bad news is I don't have a TV, well ok not really bad news work with me here. The good news is that I'm a Dorna subscriber. I went to the local watering hole and made a deal with the bartender last year, brave lass, to put the race on even while the Nice Car crew were gathering, was it a race day? It's their watering hole don't ya know. I left before the race was over, of course I'd already seen it earlier but still....

12er 07-01-2008 07:53 PM

Hopefully the announcing is semi decent. Last year was pretty bad on the week late network broadcast. Though with the week late thing I didnt have to set the recorder to see the race again. I can smell the race gas already.

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