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My only question is how small is the device and can it be completely hidden? As soon as the thieves figure out what the device looks like they'll be pulling it out and tossing it away.

Is it battery powered or does it use the bike's system? To make it effective it has to be completely out of sight and undetectable to the thief. Otherwise it's gonna be a waste of money as soon as the pros figure it out. In that case it might work on the casual thief, though. Joyriders and such.

Riding rat bikes is the best deterrent.
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Yup a crappy pos bike will hardly ever get taken. Throw the Race Tech stickers in the garbage,put a dirt cover on the Wilbers, put on some safety nazi reflective tape, let the black plastic show through were your boots rub and hardly ever wash it...... sleeper
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Why their heads on a pike of course. If I thought it would do any good.
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That's why never wash my bikes. I gotta think GPS theft deterrence is gonna get cheap fast. Under $100, with a minimal service charge, maybe $5 a month max. Securing the item is more difficult. Throw it in a case above the rear wheel. at least that area gets coated in enough crap it would be hard to find (on the dirty bike).
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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
I think you're right Kirk: GPS based solutions will probably dominate in the long run because the satellite system has huge inherent advantages over the comparatively low-tech radio based LoJack.
Except.. they require a line of sight to one or more satellites. Something that won't be possible if it's in the cargo area of a van.
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Originally Posted by acecycleins View Post
Lowjack is a radio signal operated system. In Atlanta only 8 of the 15 metro counties use the tracking system in their police departments. If you go sub-terranean (parking garage) or live in a heavily wooded area the polices may not see the signal. I know GPS has limitations, too. But GPS actaully has a faster reaction time. I believe the company could lower the subscription price. Operating a cell phone cost little today. I'd bet the primary signal is sent via cell transmission with satellite as the secondary system. But what the h3ll do I know.
LoJack is a radio signal and it is going all didgital this year with more towers in more locations. Since it is a radio signal you can park it in a parking deck to try and hide it but the signal will still get through. The GPS signal does not penetrate concrete. This system is not worth the money. LoJack sends a signal every few seconds. It is very hard to track with the GPS because of the slow refresh signal. In five or ten minutes your bike could be 5 to 15 miles away.
Get LoJack if you want something that will get your bike back. They have a 98 percent recovery rate for their cars. I am an autotheft officer in Atlanta we usually get LoJack cars back the same day they are taken. After getting a LoJack signal in my car it is usually less than 15 minutes until we recover it. There is no fee after the 600 dollar initial instilation. They will then monitor the bike for life.

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