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Here we are. I found it.

BMW's best selling dual-sport:
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Seru has a point - the R80's are a bit smoother than the R100's. I also prefer the late monolever models myself - with airheads, later is better. But I'd still take a 1000 over an 800...

I road the Triumph Tiger. Loved it. But as I expected, the pillion area was just not right for us. Ended up with an R12RT - expensive but so what...

No final drive failures (drive failures are real but not as frequent as the MO peanut gallery claims), 50 mpg, fine handling, lighter than the FJR, etc., which is important for my creaky, sports damaged knee. The only downside is the normal for these days excessive seat height.

In newest issue of ON, nice article on BMW Mobile Traditions. The propeller crowd is making an effort to make parts for older models more available, offering training to dealers on older models (airheads rejoice!). Max BMW up in frosty land is the only (I think) murrican dealer to join the "old is the new new" party so far - others to follow soon - though there are some great independent folks out there who are ready to lend a knowledgeable helping hand to puzzled airheads.

As for airheads legendary "ease of maintenance", hee, hee. Depends on what you want to do. Buy one and join the in the know group. Hee Hee.

Must run...I'm just rambling anyway.
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I got my dads R100RT when he quit riding, never had to do anything but change a flasher. It all seemed fairly simple. I know it's a job getting the clutch out but routine maintanance seemed easy enough. Same as the K100, valve adjustments and filter changes were pretty straight forward. Greasing the clutch splines was best left to a shop, at least while the bike was under warranty but the rest of it was pretty much bolt on-bolt off.

The new ones are nice but with 50 million sensors and can/bus everything it's so far out of my skill set I wouldn't even bother trying. I guess that's what I like about the Airheads and my Bandit. Screw and locknut valve adjustments and carbs. With the Dyna it's no valve adjustments and a carb, I can usually keep those running with needing to haul it to the shop if it breaks.
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Originally Posted by maladg View Post
No final drive failures (drive failures are real but not as frequent as the MO peanut gallery claims),
Oh, Man. I smell Doom in the air.........
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