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Administrator 07-25-2007 02:20 PM

Yamaha Signs Up-and-Coming Rider for '08
Original Article:

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mugwump58 07-25-2007 03:04 PM

May be it's just me
Shouldn't there be a link to the article at the top of this forum:confused:

mugwump58 07-25-2007 03:20 PM

Wow, good thing I saw the edited by, I was in the process of counseling myself. The article doesn't say what team he'll be on, maybe I should read better, it just said factory support. Now I'll have to go check some other sites and see who he is going to be with. Imagine Jorge, Casey and what's his name dukin it out next year! This is why I watch the 125's and 250's. Hopefully ya'll will be talking about Steve Bonsey next year, it's not to late yet this year ya know.

acecycleins 07-26-2007 05:22 AM

Yamaha racing
Yeah- wish Bonsey would get some 'at-a-boys from the US racing followers. Onward on subject:
The guy that may be the odd man out is Colin. I did hear that he may be looking for a Factory slot in AMA Superbike before he calls it quits. E Boz & Jason are up on contract. E Boz will likely re-sign and Yamaha, I believe, will sign him because they know that Boz can run upfront (at least for a while). The Factory should then offer the seat to Colin. Between Boz and Colin, Yamaha sees its best chance at a Superbike title in the AMA in years. Jason will go somewhere useful- like Corona Honda if Hodgeson doesn't sign. So, next season should be interesting: Factory AMA ride for Colin, E Boz searching for better grip & a title, Hodgeson back in AMA (I'd bet a modest sum on that one), Jordan Suzuki regularly on the podium, Spies being offered a WSB Suzuki seat, and Mladin's magic fading.... All just a guess, but if you look close enough it's entirely possible.

mugwump58 07-26-2007 02:21 PM

Isn't the silly season, well silly
After reading Soup, Collin coming to AMA sounds like a good idea. I would pique my interest. I think you'll see alot more movement this year and next. The GP farm system is cranking them out fast. Real soon 25 is gonna be old and alot of really good folks are going to be looking for work.

HelterSkelter 07-27-2007 06:31 AM

Cya Colin.
Too bad Colin will get fired....... Next stop WSBK, screw that AMA crap!

acecycleins 07-27-2007 09:15 AM

colin out

Originally Posted by HelterSkelter (Post 166551)
Too bad Colin will get fired....... Next stop WSBK, screw that AMA crap!

i like the guy and think the AMA could use this to their advantage. if hodgeson, edwards, davies and ellison all return next year it could be the most exiting year in the AMA in a decade. anyway, he's already won a WSB title. he'd like a AMA title. still make sense to me. if you read my "very early in the morning" post from yesterday you'll see that i was spot on in the spies prediction. GP sounds like a stretch for 08 but WSB should be an easy lock for Rizla or Allstare (sp?).

mugwump58 07-27-2007 03:20 PM

No Wsbk
It seemed pretty clear to me in the interview at Soup that he'd rather chew his own leg off that do WSBK. He wants to come home and have a life. Oh yeah and an AMA Title:D

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