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Default AMA SX Racer James Stewart Arrested

Original Article:
<a href="http://www.motorcycle.com//news/ama-sx-racer-james-stewart-arrested-90635.html">AMA SX Racer James Stewart Arrested</a>

Please discuss the Motorcycle.com article AMA SX Racer James Stewart Arrested in our Motorcycle Forums below. Use the reply button to let others know your comments or feedback on the article. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, along with your thoughts and personal opinions on the bikes and products we have tested.
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Uh... Why?
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Originally Posted by 12er View Post
Uh... Why?
Why was he arrested, or why is he sooo ****ing stupid as to impersonate an FHP vehicle in a Toyota Tundra...upon off-duty FHP officers, no less?

There's dumb, there's stupid, and now, there's James Stewart.
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Pull Over! I"m a cop! I think someone spiked my Pepsi...help!
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I think the young lad must've smacked his head harder than anyone thinks he did at Daytona...

He needs to get aholt of LL's lawyer, and quick!
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Ba ha ha- dumb ass
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Hil-arious. .
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Bad move. Bubba is having troubles inside and outside the track.
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