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Default Scotts Valley PD to Use Zero DS

Original Article:
<a href="http://www.motorcycle.com//news/scotts-valley-pd-to-use-zero-ds-90298.html">Scotts Valley PD to Use Zero DS</a>

Please discuss the Motorcycle.com article Scotts Valley PD to Use Zero DS in our Motorcycle Forums below. Use the reply button to let others know your comments or feedback on the article. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, along with your thoughts and personal opinions on the bikes and products we have tested.
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And they can plug their Taser into the thing. When they discharge it, it gives an almost 'nitrous' boost to the bike's performance.*

* I made all that part up.
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My local KLR riding officer would love it. While picking mine up he was taking delivery of the new black and white custom police version many years back. Looked at my supertrapp stating he'd like the added power but the noise made it hard to sneak up on kids drinking in the park. Sure glad my drinking in the park days were during the full internal combustion era.
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I want one of those Mall Cop Segways. Anything that can haul Kevin James' fat ass around must be good.
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