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Administrator 12-28-2010 02:57 PM

Recall for 2010 Triumph Sprint ST and GT

Original Article:
<a href="">Recall for 2010 Triumph Sprint ST and GT</a>

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The_AirHawk 12-28-2010 03:06 PM

Seriously? Just 216 units?

Say, anybody know WTF happened with the situation where the 675-triple was using oil at an alarming rate? It was supposedly near "universal" - as in ALL the 675s used it, and were possibly prone to running-out of oil while on moderate-to-long rides.

Anything ever come of that?

Morbo the Destroyer 12-28-2010 05:17 PM

The dipstick is wrong? It's just a damn metal strip, how hard is that to get right?

Dr_Sprocket 12-28-2010 06:01 PM

Married women all over the world are waiting for the same recall. Seems they were told the dipstick was longer than it really was. "It meets specs, baby. Honest!"

pushrod 12-28-2010 06:32 PM

That's what they get for telling a guy to make the thing six inches long, I guess.

Or maybe the buyer was formerly with NASA's Mars Lander program; and confused metric and standard.

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