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Default World MX to honor Chandler and McFarlane

Original Article:
<a href="http://www.motorcycle.com//news/world-mx-to-honor-chandler-and-mcfarlane-89523.html">World MX to honor Chandler and McFarlane</a>

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If anyone remembers the Chandler crash, he was almost knocked off his bike by an over zealous French photographer with a giant telephoto lenz, crashed through some haybales, and went over the bars at about 15 mph, right on his head. The world remembered Magoo a little too late. Living alone as a quadraplegic is almost an impossible task. He was amazing. They say an injury like Danny's takes 20 years off the top of your life expectancy. He made it 21 years after his crash, after his wife divorced hiim, and his parents died soon after. Like a Greek tragedy.

McFarlane was a victim of new track designs that resemble more X-Treme MX than a real MX track. Make one mistake and you're paralyzed, or in his case, dead.

And I hate to say it, but the new track designs go hand-in-glove with the powerband of a four stroke, with steep faced jumps, and sweeping high-bermed turns. Case in point: Marty Smith told his kids to not "go pro" in MX because of the grave injuries associated with the new tracks. It's starting to resemble ancient Rome with gladiators dying for the enjoyment of the fans. Sick.
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Tragic, both of them dead.. They are missed.
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