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Administrator 11-10-2009 09:56 AM

EICMA 2009: BMW Concept 6

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<a href="">EICMA 2009: BMW Concept 6</a>

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Kenneth_Moore 01-03-2010 03:05 PM

I was browsing one of my bike mags and came across Concept 6. It's an interesting concept; I read an article on three 6 cylinder bikes that were available decades ago from Honda, Kawasaki, and Benelli in Classic Motorcycle, and even today the reviewers were very impressed with the bikes. Anyway, the one time I rode an I-6 (a nicely restored CBX) I was really impressed with how smooth it was to have so much power. The sound was equally awesome, almost like a turbine.

I hit Google to find out more about this bike and found an article right here at MO that I missed! From the article: the six-cylinder engine produces power in the same range as its 1.3-liter straight four engines. The difference will be in the torque, which will be comparable to the largest motorcycle engines. BMW says will be the six-cylinder will offer 96 ft-lb. at 2,000 rpm with revs reaching nearly 9,000 rpm.

Neat stuff.

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