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Default Semper Ride promotes safety to USMC

Original Article:
<a href="http://www.motorcycle.com//news/semper-ride-promotes-safety-to-usmc-88599.html">Semper Ride promotes safety to USMC</a>

Please discuss the Motorcycle.com article Semper Ride promotes safety to USMC in our Motorcycle Forums below. Use the reply button to let others know your comments or feedback on the article. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, along with your thoughts and personal opinions on the bikes and products we have tested.
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I'm all for safety. But when you are dealing with the USMC you are dealing with people who become accustomed to a high level of random activity and they learn to like a lot of activity in their lives. Especially returning from a war zone where things can be 10,000% more hectic than they are in civilian life. I know that happened to me. You just want more activity than normal droning society provides. Fortunately for me there weren't any 150hp motorcycles available, though I did my best to wax myself with about 50hp and I still have a stainless steel pin in my ankle to prove it. These safety ideas will probably help a little but the nature of the beast won't change. If you make the troops nice and placid so that they don't get into trouble off base then they will become worthless in combat. The one goes with the other.
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I remember the bike rental place outside the main gate of MCRD in San Diego, and all the jarheads in swimsuits and flappers zooming through traffic on rented CB750s. Then you'd see 'em about a hour later with gaint road rash and bent handlebars. MCRD put bike rentals "off-limits" for destroying govt. property. Good luck.
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