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Default Honda releases flex-fuel motorcycle

Original Article:
Honda releases flex-fuel motorcycle

Please discuss the Motorcycle.com article Honda releases flex-fuel motorcycle in our Motorcycle Forums below. Use the reply button to let others know your comments or feedback on the article. Constructive criticism is always appreciated, along with your thoughts and personal opinions on the bikes and products we have tested.
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Well, makes sense in Brazil, but ethanol fuel is not a good idea here in the US, despite what the farmers say.
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The ethanol plant 10 miles down the road has gone tits up. Their in bankcrupcy court right now trying to get permission to sell. Good luck. Engineering issues are being cited as the reason for failure. Couldn't be that it was just a stupid idea to begin with.

It was a Miller brewery. Yeah they left the instant the tax break ceased leaving the community to twirl around the toilet boil of life. Hey a deal's a deal, yeah know. Ya had to see it coming. Just up the road is the closed Nestles' chocolate plant. They took down the sign that said city with a future.
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I'm so excited that Honda has done this I'm going to run right out and buy one! Golly gee my dream has come true!
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Ethanol is not viable. HOWEVER, CNG is. This country has a tremendous supply of natural gas; heck many city municipalities run their vehicles on CNG. At the San Jose Airport (that's CA, which is not a completely foreign country), when 87 was $4.00 a gal, the CNG terminal there was selling, to the public, at $2.80 a gal. Wonder what it requires to convert a gas engine to CNG.
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Ethenol works in Brazil because the whole North-East section of the country is one big sugar cane grove. And you don't have to cook sugar cane like corn to break down the glucose into fermentable sugar, all you do is squeeze it in presses, ferment the juice and distill it. One spigot goes to the fuel tank, the other goes into a bottle of Kachasa. It takes approx 3 gallons of fuel to cook one gallon of corn ethenol. Non-sustainable. Crazy.

And now you know where all that old tooling for Honda SL125 motors went to, doncha? Well, at least they didn't use a bored out Honda 90 motor, I would have puked.
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