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Dr_Sprocket 12-04-2008 02:38 PM


Originally Posted by sarnali2 (Post 198492)
They've been incredible astute so far, why in the world they would want MV is beyond me as well. From what I hear Buell does pretty well in Europe, it would be nice to see Harley push that line as their sport bike instead of treating them like a red-head stepchild

I think the Buell product is a quality product. However, IMHO, the Buell name does not have the cache that H-D, Ducati, or MV Agusta have. To me MV Agusta is a marquee name, Buell is not (and I own one). Which leads to the question... why? What makes a brand or item marquee? Why is Ferrari marquee and Ford is not? I don't know.

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