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Default synthetic oil the good, bad and ugly

i want to switch over to synth oil in my 2005 Yamaha R1
looking at royal purple any coments on this oil
any sugestions on other brands,thanks dave
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It's a high-end oil favored by racers. I'm all for synthetic oil, but I doubt the average rider would ever notice the difference between RP at $15 a bottle versus Castrol R full synthetic for $8.
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Or, Mobil 1 at $20 a jug at Wal-Mart. Used to have a Gold cap. Now another package has the Gold.

Just be sure not to buy the 'Energy-Conserving' packages, which are the 10W (I think), 5W and 0W weights.
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There's two versions of Royal Purple for motorcycles. For actual racing, there's XPR (eXtreme Performance Racing), and for mostly street riding there's Max-Cycle. I use Max-Cycle in my bikes, including my CBR 1100XX. Yeah, it costs a little more, but it makes sense to me.
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15w40 Shell Rotella Heavy Duty oil made for long haul diesels. $12.00 a gallon, change it and the oil filter every 5k, never look back.
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I run Valvoline 10w40 max-life mileage semi-synth in the BMW. It does have a dry clutch. Never had an issue. AutoZone is my new friend for oil and Fram filters. I save about $12 on oil changes that way.
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+1 on Mobil 1. Get the 15-50 gray cap now.
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I've got news. I've never heard of an oil issue of any kind as long as you use a good oil that handles bike trannies and change the oil and filter regularly before it gets black. Never.

The only time I've seen trouble is when someone falls for the propaganda and uses "high mileage" oil or Slick50 (ruins engines) or some other phony-baloney additive.

Any decent oil, those mentioned above, will work as good as the next. Just stay away from automobile oils.
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