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I've been getting great (read: little to no) wear on the Avon Azaro (now Storm) on the rear of my Sprint.

I'd comment on the cornering ability, but like you, we 'ain't got no corners!'
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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
Guess where my Harley-riding buddy crashed? On the ramp leading from the Turnpike to I-95! I KID YOU NOT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
"What do you mean 'turn the bars?'" "They turn?" I feel for you guys out in the long flat, whether it be fl or midwest. I'm totally spoiled with twisties in 3 directions starting at the city limits signs. Even our slabs have turns.
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roger that I wouldn't know what to do with a straight road, the twisties start pretty much at the end of my driveway.

I've had good luck with Azaro's and Pilot Roads, I'd stick with those as an all around ST tire with good grip and wear combined with wet traction. Stay away from Dunlop 220's, you'll be lucky to get 5k out of them
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