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Default Honda CBR Windscreen Installation Help

Okay..So I'm an idiot...

I bought a smoke windscreen for my 2007 Honda CBR 600 RR.

When I unscrewed the clear windscreen, the two middle rubber screw-ins stayed with the bike. The top and bottom rubber things came out.

I can't get the middle rubber things out of the bike because it is inbetween the fairing and the bike.

Also, I cannot get the rubber things into the new windscreen all the way...

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No help for Seminolians here. This is a Gator site. Try CBRforum.com.
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I just looked at the bikebandit page to see how your bike is put together. It didn't help, much.

I'm thinking you are talking about a piece of rubber that has what looks to be a washer, but it also has a shaft that fits in the fairing. It might have a nut molded in the bottom of it.

When you tighten the bolt, it draws the nut up, which swells the rubber shaft and secures it in the fairing. It is not affected much by vibration.

In any case, you shouldn't need to pull the fairing mounts to change shields. Just take off the interference (if any), then take off the old windshield and put on the new one.

A tip; Don't take off the plastic film until you have finished the installation. You may need to peel it back a bit where it fits in the fairing, but leave the rest on to protect it from you and tools.

And, don't 'gorilla' the screws. Just snug. Too tight, and platic starts cracking.

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