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Default 96 kaw rebuild - timing, valves & bearing HELP

I got a 1996 ZL600 from a guy that put a connecting arm through the case and then let it sit for 8 years. I rebuilt the motor and it is running, but it sound bad. This is the first time I've rebuilt a motor so I'm not sure if I got the timing wrong, or if I need a valve adjustment or if I put the wrong bearings around the shaft.

I wonder about the timing because when I aligned the timing mark on the case, The pistons (1 & 4) were TDC just before the timing marks were aligned as I turned the shaft clockwise. When the timing marks were perfectly aligned, the pistons were just past TDC. What I mean by this is the pistons went up and were just starting their way back down when the timing marks were aligned. I'm not sure this is right, but I went with it because the marks were aligned and I figured that was the thing to do.

from the right side of the motor, I lined up the cam shafts and counted the links (42) from exit to inlet mark and then torqued everything to spec.

I didn't make any adjustments to the vales as I didn't see any need because i didn't take them apart.

As for the crank shaft bearings, I picked the "black" set rather than the blue or brown based on shaft and case marking. I didn't use any plastigage to verify I just figured the marking were good enough.

It turns on and idles at 1100 rmp per spec, it just makes a clicking/clattering noise when I rev the motor.

To figure this out I made myself a stethoscope from a rubber tube and a coat hanger so I could listen to the motor. the top doesn't sound bad, not major clacking noise. The piston cylinder doesn't sound bad, the bottom of the motor does have a pining sound several times a second. I don't hear any difference as I move along the bottom of the motor from left to right.

I've taken it to the shop and one place told me I need a valve adjustment. Another place told me I have the wrong bearings. It is so much trouble to take the motor apart especially if I need to get to the bearing, so I want to be sure before I move forward.

Does anyone out there have any advice or comments?
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"Does anyone out there have any advice or comments?"

I do. Stop wasting your time and money on the piece of crap and go get something that runs.
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Honey, we can give reasonable advice on things like gummed up carbs, but your questions are WAY beyond what someone on the internet can answer. Sorry.
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