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you might try rigging a volt meter across the coils then revving it past 4k, sounds like you're loosing ignition past that point so I'd start from the coils and work back to the ignition module and crank sender. Of course you need a manual for exact test procedure and you REALLY need to take it to a good mechanic to nail it down. Diagnosing electrical problems on the interweb is next to impossible.
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ok. ive run through the ignition system tests offered in the service manual.

The GPS checks out, BUT...BUT the DIODE (starting system cut off relay unit) does not check out. This sound plausible with regard to my symptoms? The manual had a discrepancy with the test however, and called to check continuity between two wires. In the written portion it said Sky Blue wire (terminal on the actual relay) and the Blue/Yellow wire and then on the diagram of the terminals on the relay it calls out a Blue (not Sky Blue) wire.

Both situations failed though.

edit// to add, the continuity test for the cut off relay read a very high resistance instead of beeping for continuity.

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