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Default Mods to my '06 Kawi Vulcan

Hey everyone. After a brief look through the other threads, I am hoping this isn't a repeat. I am interested in changing out the tail pipes of my '06 Kawi Vulcan. It's a pretty quiet little bike, and more often than not sounds like a lawn mower LOL I was hoping to find a way of getting some growl out of her and wondered if anyone here had some ideas on how to go about doing that and how to obtain the parts needed. I just got into motorcycles so pardon my lack of knowledge! Cheers!
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You might hit any message boards for the Vulcan and see what other owners have done. The thing you have to understand is that putting on louder pipes without proper rejetting/remapping will often make a bike run worse. For example I bought a used ZRX1100 from a guy who had put on a race pipe, but not rejetted. I experimented changing back and forth from the stock pipe to the loud pipe and determined that the bike was faster with the quiet pipe. Later a holeshot jet kit fixed the problems with the louder pipe.

I'm sure you've heard loud cruisers that backfire a lot. Those are losing power over stock.
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Really you're better off riding the wheels off the bike and saving the money for oil and filters, tires and brake pads. Like Dr. Saruzawa says, Loud pipes really don't help your perfomance without rejetting or remapping and different air filters then all you do is piss off the neighbors anyway. Leave it stock and just ride it, it'll run better and get better fuel mileage in the long run.
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Unfortunately you'll never get the Harley sound out of that Vulcan. It just doesn't have the engine architecture to produce the famous (or infamous) potato-potato sound. You can make it louder, but it's going to be an annoying loud, not the sound you're looking for.

There's always a Sportster for sale used around for an ok price.
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mmmm... potatoes.... actually i think im going to see how my homemade salsa is coming along.
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