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Default Motor bogging down

I have a 1986 yamaha Virago 700 with 15,186 miles on it When I first start riding there is no problem but after I get where I'm going and shut off the bike even for a couple of hours and I restart it it starts fine but as soon as I give it gas it boggs down at first the it will start going fine but as soon as I change gears it boggs again it does this all thru the gears and after 5th gear it boggs at first then it 's ok untill the last time it wouldn't go past 55 mph then after about a 1/4 mile it started to slow down I tried to get to the off ramp but as soon as I let off the throttel it died I had to tow it home the only way I can get it to run is to put the choke on full the it will barly keep it's self running. this is my first bike at the age of 42 please help if possable I have limmited income due to a disabilty so the repair shop is a last resort. Thank You. David
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If it was my bike David, I check the entire fuel system. First check if the carb is getting gas by pulling the fuel line and opening the petc*ck. If the fuel is flowing real slow or not at all, clean or replace the fuel line and inline filter and petc*ck filter. If the fuel flow looks sufficient, remove the carb and clean it throughly. I have a feeling if you get good fuel flow and the carb is cleaned well, your bike will run like new.
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Sounds like floats not floating to me. Don't they come with dual carbs on that model? I'd check both but the one that feeds the back jug may be your problem child here. Those back jugs don't cool well on early Viragos. I owned a 83 & 84 and the 83 would overheat often leaving me stranded (at least until it cooled). The carb could be gooked up but vapor lock is possible. It sounds like fueling, but I am not a mechanic- I just play one on TV.
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Default Sounds like you got a.........

..........Turtle in the Mud Valve..........
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Viagros had some problems with the rubber bootz ripping on the downturned CV Mikuni carbz, you might want to check that. Sounds like you've got a bad air leek, or a clogged up tank vent maybe. Possum up a gumtree?
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