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rob worthington
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this is just the way the bike is sold i was told by the dealer. thats ok i did not get this bike to run the strip. thanks anyway for the replies

Last edited by rob worthington : 10-03-2007 at 05:55 PM. Reason: no need to run that fast anyway
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Are you certain it's the limiter you're up against? I had a friend with a VFR that acted in the same manner you described in your other post - it needed jetting in the most-desperate way. Once that was sorted, he quit "hitting the wall".

If you are up-against the limiter, you've got some other problem - poor aftermarket gearing choice, slipping clutch, something not happening like it should.

Is this bike Injected or Carb'd? I'm not intimate with this bike, but I seem to recall it's carb'd.
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Well if you figure in your speedo error, you're not even going that fast.

Should you really be riding a bike that was not intended to go that fast at that speed?
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Originally Posted by rob worthington View Post
I have a '07 v-star 650custom. is there a trick to make it run a little faster if i want so i can beat my dad on his harley??? you get to about 92mph and it cuts out? can this be bumped up??
Well, between the guy on the other thread that wants to kill himself for the least amount of money, and this one where the guy wants to risk a handling problem or possibly blow his engine at high speed, is there any wonder why the Gov sees us as a bunch of idiots? Hell, I'm about to propose a national helmet law, tiered licensing, and horsepower limits all in one package. Sheesh.
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If you want to go with the "original" over-rev eliminator, over-rev an old Royal Enfield Interceptor every day, for about a week, until the connecting rods shoot through the bottom of the crankcase, and bury themselves in the street. There you go.
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