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RONMAC1118 07-29-2007 08:19 PM

Bad Rear end Whine noise
Can someone tell me how to stop a 2000 Vulcan Nomad from whineing when you are accelerating on the road in four and fith gears, its very annoying to other when on a long ride, thanks

sachiwilson 07-29-2007 08:59 PM

Have you checked the oil levels and oil type in said rear end?

longride 07-30-2007 04:51 AM

Have those particular gears always whined, or is this a recent thing? If they always whined, it is probably from the cut of those particular gears that is making them do that.

The_AirHawk 07-30-2007 10:52 AM

And, are you CERTAIN it's coming from the rear, and not the transmission?

If the shaft gearbox is out of oil, you've likely found your culprit. If not, a friend with a moto-lift that can get the back tire off the ground and a quick run through the gears whilst probing with a mechanic's stethoscope will pinpoint the noise.

I don't need to tell you to keep all fingers out of any moving parts, or to make absolutely certain the bike is securely lashed to the lift while operating, do I?

I knew you knew that. :cool:

Kenneth_Moore 07-30-2007 11:15 AM

Sounds like a problem with the Pump Inlet-Filter Sock to me.

Buzglyd 07-30-2007 11:23 AM

Last time I heard a rear end whine noise it was something along the lines of "Do these pants make me look fat?"

longride 07-30-2007 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by Buzglyd (Post 166707)
Last time I heard a rear end whine noise it was something along the lines of "Do these pants make me look fat?"

The only noise you heard at that time is the ringing in your ears after the slap upside your head! :D

acecycleins 07-30-2007 11:30 AM

I've been told the is common on Vulcans. A buddy changed to a synth rear-end (repsol maybe) fluid. Seems to have quieted but never actually gone.

seruzawa 07-30-2007 11:32 AM

Put open drag pipes on it. That whine will never bother you again!

mscuddy 07-30-2007 11:37 AM

Sho nuff that usta happen on my old Diamond T Rio, 'till I filled the tranny up with coal oil and Wyyns motor puree.

That sucker shifted slick as owl snot, and didn't make nar to no noise 'tall.

U betcha.

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