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Default Wheel bearings , when to change out ?

Hi there ,

My 2006 CB 900 F is awesome and I love it.
I was just wondering when the general rule applies when
considering changing out the ball bearings in the wheels front and
back. I have 50.000 Km on the clock , and am about to get new tires anyways , I thought maybe getting a new pair , or am I underestimating
it all. I noticed a small sound coming from below when going about
1km./h and letting the bike stop it self , I was just wondering if that sound would comes from bad bearings .

Thank you

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There's no specific interval for changing wheel bearings. If you ride on dirt, do a lot of wheelies and burnouts, you'll need to change them sooner than someone who doesn't.

As for the sound, I'd suspect the brakes soon than bearings. Lift the front of your bike and spin the wheel, also work it side to side. You should be able to pinpoint the problem.
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The Toad

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Pull the wheel off and turn the bearings with your fingers feeling carefully for any sign of a gritty feeling. If in doubt at all change the bearings. It's not an expensive job.
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Thanks a lot for the feedback
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If you have bad bearings when you spin the wheel a rumbling-grinding noise will emit from the hubs. Since they are sealed bearings you have to buy new ones, instead of cleaning and re-greasing them if they were old-style wheel bearings.
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