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I have one, but prefer the beadrider. Maybe I'm putting too much air in the AirHawk, it was raising me too far off the seat, making it harder to plant my feet solidly at stops.
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I excavated 1 1/4 inches out of my seat foam and embedded a 3/4" gel slab topped with 1/2" of memory foam into my seat about 5 years ago. It's held up pretty well. It's no miracle and I've never done any iron butt rides, but it helps a lot at the pressure points.

Picked the kit up from this ebay store.

knoplace | eBay

Always heard good stuff about Airhawks, but wanted something more stealthy.
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Default Lares, Enzo, Roy and Luca Israel

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Default Joey, Dan, Garik and Vasco Northern mariana islands

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Default Hamil, Cobryn, Armon and Ketil South georgia and the south sa

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