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Default Idling issue with 05 Suzuki c50 boulevard cruiser

Hello everybody.... I am posting with hopes for suggestions!!!... I owned a 05 Suzuki c50 bvld cruiser for 3 yrs now so when I got it in 08 it was just 3 yrs old . For the first couple of yrs when I turned on the bike that is fuel injected, it would turn on throttled up till engine warmed up and then down with no problem and maintain low idle speed. As of lately and even after changing the spark plugs and air filter, the bike shuts off went first turned on. I have to throttle the bike manually for a few minutes and even then it will throttle down and sometimes shut off... This is especially the case when the weather is cold below 45 degrees !!!... Can you guys out there help a cruiser guy out ???... I have used some sea foam gas treatment and fuel injector cleaners to no avail !!!!... Thank you all in advance .... John ( joso4u)
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Originally Posted by joso4u View Post
I have used some sea foam gas treatment and fuel injector cleaners to no avail !!!!... Thank you all in advance .... John ( joso4u)
Alas, it's not likely to be that easy.

Are there any lights lit on the dashboard.....like an FI light ??

Fuel Injection is nice.......until it stops working and then you usually need professional help.

P.S. Is there any chance that your battery is going bad ?
If it's more than 3 years old, a new charged battery would be my only guess.
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The warm-up function is managed by your Fuel Injection (FI) system. The system is a combination of the fuel pump, a set of throttle bodies (akin to carburetor), a second set of butterflies on top of the throttle bodies, and a set of electronic controls, including a computer called the ECU.

I'll go out on a limb here and guess your Throttle Position Sensor(s) are failing. The problem is definitely your fuel injection system; if it's not the TPS, then it could be the secondaries are not operating correctly.

Unless you're pretty skilled with FI troubleshooting, you aren't going to fix it in your garage with pliers and a screwdriver. Your Suzuki dealer can plug in their diagnostic system and find the fault in 10 minutes.
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