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Default Tire Question

I got a few craks over the surface of my front tire. I don't know if that means it's time to replace it. Someone please help me out.
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Cracks on the tread, or on the sidewall?

On the tread = New tire.

Sidewalls- watch them and keep the tire until the tread is gone.

The old term for the sidewalls cracking was 'age checking'. Ozone and/or overzealous cleaning, or simply old age cause that. It's usually only cosmetic.
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1. Buy a can of Kiwi Black shoe polish.
2. Apply polish liberally on sidewalls of tire.
3. Check air pressure and set per mfg. specification.
4. Ride...RIDE....RIDE like the WIND, TESTPILOT....you're FREE, FREE, WILD AND FREE!
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Originally Posted by TestPilot1 View Post
I don't know if that means it's time to replace it.
Which surface?
How wide/deep are these cracks?
How old are the tires?
What kind of bike?
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