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Thanks for all the help guys. I think it's set up now. The air filter box was stock (actual filter wasnt) but it was old and the plastic was warped. I sealed it up with some black rtv so I could control the air flow. I adjusted the throttle, and messed with the idle scew/ knob under the carbs. I have it running and idling, it's showing 2500-2800 on the tach, but it also says when its off that it's at almost 1000. So I think it's good. I can't drop it anymore or it dies. I rode it to the gas station to get some fuel and man, I forgot what a zippy little thing it is. I was doing 55 and had to hold on at 4-5 houses away! Thanks again for your help. I probably would not have been able to do it without the good common sense advice you all gave me. I'm handy, but not on import bikes, they are a little touchy.
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