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Default 2006 Yamaha V star 650 Oil Leak

My bike has an oil leak coming right above near the jack stand. I opened up the cover for abetter look. I noticed oil everywhere and I cannot pinpoint exactly where the oil is originating. I took some pictures, if anyone can tell me where this oilmight be coming from it would be a great help.
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The cheapest solution would be to always park it near a Harley, then one of two things is sure to happen:

1) The oil-spot will always be blamed on the Harley.

2) Some nice Harley-rider will attempt to be "clever", and pour a pile of rice beneath the bike, soaking-up any oil your Japanese-moto actually leaks.
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Default 2006 Yamaha V Star 650 Oil Leak


Can't tell from the pictures, but I'd say the seal where those wires exit the case, and the seal where the shifter goes though the crankcase cover, are good places to start. Both of these will dry/ wear out, and from the look of the surface rust on the shifter it looks like this bike is in a less than ideal climate. The shifter seal is only about a buck and a half at the dealer.
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Yeah no pictures and whats a jack stand? I know the bike doesnt have a center stand must be the side stand. Generally just clean it off with some contact cleaner and fire it back up and watch it leak.
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