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Default Fuel flow problem ? 95 Magna

Hello , I'm having a problem with my new bike. 2 days ago I picked up a 95 magna from a old family friend. It had been sitting for almost 7 years we cleaned the carbs and changed the oil and filter and added coolant. I put about 60 miles or so on it since it was running great but today it stopes running while I was out on it. The power just started to bleed away until it just stalled out and now it won't fire. I pulled over and looked the bike over. The collant was still full in raid and lower chamber and the oil was fine I could not find any leaking fluids, no smoke or anything. And the tank was full I in fact had just toped it off not 2 miles back as did my buddy I was out riding with. Its got a brand-new bat in it and the lights were running strong so I don't figure it's a elec power problem. So when I turned the key back to on after looking it over the temp warning light came on for about 2 secs and then went back off but the motor didn't seem overly hot. I have only been riding for about a year so I still have a lot to learn about bikes any help that someone could offer as to what the problem is / could be would be helpful. Or maybe break down a checklist of the things I should do to get the info to figure it out.
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Does it have a fuel pump? If so check it. It could be gunked up from sitting so long.
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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
Does it have a fuel pump? If so check it. It could be gunked up from sitting so long.
And don't make ASSumptions.
Check for spark first.
Be sure you didn't hit the KILL switch by accident.......or have the fuel switch set to OFF. Sometimes that will happen if the sidestand safety is going bad....or the spring is getting weak.

Then if squirting a little starting fluid into the air intake makes it fire for a second or two, you have a fuel delivery problem.

Drain the float bowls, check the fuel filters and screens and check the hose going to the automatic fuel shutoff, if it has one. Try to start it in the PRIme position if it has one. You didn't mention draining the gas tank. On a bike that was sitting that long, that probably was a mistake if you didn't.
NOW you will need to drain and flush the tank and check/clean everything downstream from there.

If you can get it running at all, hopefully you won't have to take the carbs off for a manual cleaning.
A healthy dose of Berrymans B12 Chemtool should finish the carb cleaning job on the bike......maybe.
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