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Default Exhaust for 2001 Suzuki Marauder 800

Hey all,

So I bought this bike off a guy and he had put after market exhaust pipes on it. It sounds good and all but I don't like the look and it seems now that there isn't enough compression (or something along those lines) to keep the bike running at a stop light. So I was told I need a new exhaust which is fine.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a reasonable priced exhaust for the bike on the net.

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Probably the seller stuck the pipe on and didn't rejet the carb or re-map the fueling. Unless you go back to the stock factory exhaust, that's what you need to do. A new exhaust would have the same problem.

If it's fuel-injected, you can take it to a shop that has the Suzuki tuning tool or a "Yosh-box" to remap the fueling. Or you can buy a Power-Commander (about $300-$500) and do it yourself.

If it's got carbs, any decent shop can put in a bigger jet for $100 at the most.

Or, you can browse craigslist or fleabay and find a set of OEM pipes. No idea how much those would cost.
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Go to http://forums.delphiforums.com/mig/m...Reading+%3E%3E

There's a debaffled 2000 set of pipes for sale ( at least there was on 4-28 ).
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Originally Posted by phishfan403 View Post
it seems now that there isn't enough compression (or something along those lines) to keep the bike running at a stop light.
".....so I was told....."......by who, exactly ??
And you believed that, why ??

If the air box hasn't been tampered with (as in, it still has a stock air filter), an adjustment of the idle speed screw might be all that you need. OR you might just need to leave the choke on longer until it warms up. Failing both those, a tweek of the idle air screw would probably solve the problem.

That's assuming that you can get used to the "look" and that they aren't outrageously loud, that is.

Lots of expertise with that model here:
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Haven't I already given you a similar answer .......maybe even on this same site ??

Yes, a couple of us did. It would be nice if you would follow up in THAT thread before you start another which is pretty much the same.
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