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Default Harley batwing fairing removal and stereo installation

I thought I would post this fairing removal and stereo installation thread because there are some who might not know how easy it is.
The batwing fairing is found on many touring model Harley Davidsons.
I bought the stereo system from American Classic Motors (AMERICAN CLASSIC MOTORS) to install on my 2006 FLHTPI Police. They also have an eBay store. Communication was good and Joe seems like a great guy. Quick to follow up and offer any help.
What it consisted of was a Sony Xplode deck with AM/FM, CD and a USB port, a set of Hog Tunes speakers and the installation kit from Retro radio.

The kit would normally come with a control module for the handlebar controls on an FLH but it can be ordered without ( for less money) for the Police bike as they don't have the controls.
The whole box of goodies was very well packaged and shipping time was pretty good.

Now on to the installation. First, remove the outer fairing shell.

Three windshield screws

one screw on each side of the inner fairing

and two lower screws underneath between the forks ( center of picture)

Then the fairing is free. tilt it forward and lift it over the spot lights, reach behind and disconnect the headlight from the wiring harness.( we actually had a towel over the fender and rags covering the spot lights to prevent scratching the fairing when we initially removed it)

Here is what it will look like inside

Next, remove the glovebox casing. It doesn't get used in this application. ( there is a thick, self-adhesive vinyl covering provided to protect the deck from moisture)

Next I mounted the speakers. There is a raised section around the two lower screw holes of the plastic spacer that cause the speakers not to sit flush. I zipped them off with a cutting wheel.
There is very little thread holding these speakers on ( about 1/4" of the three screws) so we used Loktite on them and were very careful not to over-tighten them. The speakers feel quite secure regardless.

Next, we followed the instructions for mounting the stereo unit. It was pretty straight forward except we found it easier if we removed the row of idiot lights just above the opening for the stereo. (This consists of two halves, inner and outer, that clip together. Very easy to remove and re-install) and pulled aside a couple of the wiring harness sections. I also put a bit of black silicone between the backing plate provided and the fairing to ensure there would be no vibration there.

Now came the bad part. This unit comes with wiring to plug the stereo into the stock plug on the FLH models, unfortunately there was no plug end on my bike. The wires were there but as it is the police model, I don't believe the stock stereo plug was ever installed. This is all there was ( sorry for the focus)

OK, no problem , we thought, we will just hard wire the connections. So we tested the wires to find the power, ground, etc. Nothing. Hmm, I then removed the left side cover to check the fuses and found the problem. No plug at that end either. So basically the wires are there, but not connected at either end.

With a circuit tester we managed to find an unused, full-time power wire, an ignition-connected power wire and a ground in the multitude of available wires in the fairing to use for the deck, and wired in the speakers with standard speaker wire.
Then it was just a matter of tidying up the wiring and tucking everything in, re-installing the fairing shell and windshield and it was done.

I am very happy with the results. I plugged in a thumb drive loaded with great music and set out for the hour and a half ride home with the tunes cranked. Awesome.
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Is there an 8-track tape module available for this unit? My entire Steppenwolf collection is all on 8-track.
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