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Default BMW R1100RT - Steering Lock problem...

Hello All,

I'm in a bit of bind and would appreciate any advise you can give. I stored my BMW R1100RT three years ago and just decided to get it ready for this season. I've replaced the battery, the air filter, oil filter (and oil), and spark plugs. I went ahead and put the key in the ingnition and turned it to the "on" position and found that only my rear light and front headlight power on. I am not getting any other lights or electronics come up on the "dash". And most importantly, my steering column is locked in the left direction and I can't seem to get the igntion key to turn to the position marked "P" or "R".

Do any of you know if there is some sort of trick to unlocking the steering column? I've tried all day, I've turned the steering column as far to the left and as far towards the center that it will go. But the ignition key just won't go to any postion other than "On" and "Off".

Secondly, do any of you know the difference between the "master key" and the "spare key" ? I am assuming that the key I am using is a master key because it's got the "black" plastic top with the BMW logo. The key unlocks everything else on the bike (the side bags, the gas tank, the rear seat lock), except the steering column.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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I'm not familiar with BMW's at all but the bikes I've had have a keylock on the steering head (the front of the frame where the trees swivel to turn the bars). Maybe the higher end bikes mave a mechanical steering lock more like a car, but I've never experienced one. Some of the others on here have/have had beamers & would know.
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Get the weght off the front end to ease the lock. Stick a lift under the bike, or if you have a center stand, put it up on that and weight the rear of the bike so the front is off the ground.

Also put a penetrant lube down the keyhole. PB Blaster or the equivalent to loosen, then use a graphite based lube once it's free to keep it that way.
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