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Default Paint modding my 09 Ninja 650r

I got a used Kawasaki Green ninja 650r a little while ago, and I was looking at improving the paint on it a bit. If you look at the blue version of the bike, they painted the rear suspension spring to match the fairings. I thought it looked gorgeous, and I can't believe they didn't do it for the other colors. So, I'm wondering how much of an undertaking it's going to be to get that rear suspension off the bike. I've only done minor work to the bike so far (removing the fuel tank, installing an alarm, etc), so if this is going to be a pretty serious job, I might have to hold off. Any thoughts, or has anyone else here tried it before?
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Since the spring moves just painting it will result in it flaking off. Sounds like its more trouble and expense than its worth. Just to take the shock apart and have the spring powdercoated I think you'd be better off looking at a new mo betta shock for the money.
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have the spring powdercoated

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Lots of masking tape and newspaper, and some "Plasti-cote" rattlecan paint from the hardware store.

I painted my 'skint-up' Ohlins YELLOW! spring silver a couple years ago, and it still looks the same as when it went on.

While the surface 'finish' isn't that pretty, who cares? It's regularly soiled by the rear wheel anyway.

Painting 'in situ' is a major PITA, as overspray is a real problem. But it's a heck of a lot easier than pulling the shock.

Now, if you wait until you have the shock out for another reason...
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