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Default Tubes, spoked wheels and tubeless tires

While I patiently wait for Tubliss to release their 17" system so I can replace the IRC's with some Continentals I come to the experts on everything for this;
Can, should, a tubeless tire be run with a tube?
What is the catastrophe that will ensue if I do?
Can my feelings withstand the scathing remarks I am about to receive? Oh never mind I'm an FJR rider so I can take it
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Originally Posted by mugwump58 View Post
Can, should, a tubeless tire be run with a tube?
What is the catastrophe that will ensue if I do?
Yes, if necessary, like if you want to mount it on a spoked wheel.

If it is done with reasonable care, no problem. Lots of guys do it......as tires specifically designed to be used with tubes are few and far between (maybe don't exist at all anymore).

I've seen some claims that the tread heats up a bit more under HARD use but don't remember ever seeing any good confirmation of that.
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There have been horror stories where the tube gets red-hot and explodes at a high rate of speed, sending the rider and passenger into the giggle bushes at seventy miles an hour. But it's mostly crap. Keep an eye on the tire pressure, get quality stuff and don't worry about it.

And you can have a can of flat fixer to boot.
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