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BZ in Baltimore
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Post 2000 Triumph TT 600

Hey folks, I'm new to these forums and a new bike owner. I came into possession of a 2000 Triumph TT 600 with 4k miles.

It has some cosmentic repairs needed (both sides panels need replaced and front turn signals).

It needs a new oil pan (sump cam?) and battery.

Any advice where I can find a catolog of parts and accessories for this model?


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Either a Triumph Dealer or BikeBandit.com.

There is a great Dealership just SE of DC. Look at the triumph website to locate others.

Also, there are a couple of Dealerships that have online presence.

The TT600 is a rare-ish bike. Not many were made, and Triumph is not known for stocking spare parts, especially body parts.

The turn signals, IIRC, are rather generic. Look at Kawasaki and Buell bikes to see if they are the same. The battery is also readily available. I'm guessing it came with a Yuasa, but you can go with one of a variety of alternates- like Deka, MotoBatt, Odyssey, etc.

The oil pan needs replacement why? Is the drain plug bung stripped out, or is the pan otherwise damaged?

New body panels are going to be really tough to find. I'd suggest you take the wounded ones to a body shop and see what they say.

Lasty, put a 'Saved Search' in on eBay. You never know when a TT600 listing will pop up.

Here is the Triumph website: Triumph Motorcycles - Home

Here is the 'Supersports' Forum at TriumphRat.net: Triumph SuperSports - Triumph Forum: Triumph Rat Motorcycle Forums

Welcome to the site! Good luck with the bike!
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You can make the sump yourself out of some soup cans and JB Weld. Also, any old battery will do, even one out of a forklift (if you have enough duct tape).
Now that will be $12.50 sent to my PAYPAL account thank you.
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BZ in Baltimore
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@ Pushrod... Thanks
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Try ebay, the UK site, i.e. eBay - one of the UK's largest shopping destinations. There are plenty of TT600 spares in the UK. Only probably could be the shipping costs.
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