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Default Honda Vf750 Custom - Cancel Unit

Hello everyone,

I joined the forum on behalf of my friend. He is German (and so am I), and doesn't know English.

He owns above mentioned motorcycle (built 1982) and has moved to Thailand with extreme high ambient temperatures during the hot season (up to 145deg/F)

(There are three seasons in Thailand: The hot season, the very hot season and the f... hot season )

He brought along some kind of manual about how to fit the "CANCEL UNIT", not telling what it actually does.

I suppose it's necessary to keep either cylinder head temperature or spark plug temperature within the specified range.

Stopping in the middle of nowhere (intentional or unintended) in Thailand might be considered as attempted suicide since street robbery is some kind of hobby here.

Could someone shed some light on the "CANCEL UNIT" please? (I imagine it shorts out the extra coils fitted into the HV cable of each cylinder for a stronger ignition spark.)

Kind regards

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Is there a part number or anything more descriptive in the manual than "cancel unit?" It almost sounds like a resistor pack, but I've never heard them called by that name.
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A picture of the page mentioning this device might help. Is it a thermostat?
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