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Default suzuki marauder 125. wont start

i have a 1998 suzuki marauder 125. i went to work on it this morning as usual. when i came 2 go home it wouldnt start. when i push the ignition key nothing happens not even that annoying clickin u sometimes get. So i had 2 bump the bike to get it home. once i got home i had a little play about with it (to no joy) although i found some wires connected 2 a sealed black box under my seat and if i touched them 2gether with mt screw driver the bike will start.( aslong as ignition is on) so again when i push my start button nothin at all happens. can ne1 help? thanks
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So let me get this straight. You name is Shaun... and you bike is dead. Wouldn't that make you Shaun of the Dead? (scratches head)

JK. I couldn't resist.
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Starter Solenoid (the box you shorted-across to crank the engine), or Starter button contacts (in the handlebar control), or a wire leading to the starter button.

It happens.

You can probably disassemble and clean and lubricate the button-contacts yourself, and check for broken wires. I would disconnect the battery cables before you do this, or you might get a surprise.
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The starting buttons in the little "box" on the handlebar wear out. The switch and it's wires are small to fit in the handlebar, so they lead to a relay which then feeds the high voltage to the solenoid that Hawk mentioned. After a few thousand starts, the copper contacts that make the switch get dirty from arcing each time the circuit is closed.

Carefully remove the screws holding the start button case together. Be careful and use the right-size screwdriver or hex tool, they get stuck and it's really easy to strip their heads. Once you have the case open, (careful, parts may fall out) you'll see the contact points where the circuit is closed when you push the button. Clean that area, maybe even touch it with an emery board or cloth.

Re-assemble and test, if it still doesn't work, order a new starter switch and replace it.
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