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Default Tail light fuse keeps blowing


I have a 1980 honda cm400t Everytime i turn on my bike my tail light fuse blows. The bulb is good and looks like the wiring is in order to the tail light so i am not sure as to where i should look for the wiring problems on my bike. i guess i should look at the wires coming from my tail light fuse slot? if so im not sure which ones go to it. would a diagram help? because im looking at the one for mine and its not really telling me much. I have diagrams so maybe i could send one to someone and have them take a look. anyways, thank you for your advice.
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When it's the fuse popping - you definitely have a short-circuit someplace. It might even be in the fuseblock (although this is less-likely than a dinked wire or bad light-socket).

You're right to suspect that anything on that circuit could be the culprit.

Does it still do it with the bulb(s) removed from the light socket?
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The wires are in a plastic sheath together right? The wires get old and the insulation can crack. It's most likely that the two wires are shorting together somewhere in the sheath. What I do on old bikes is just run new wires.
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thank you very much for the feedback... ill try the first tip and see if the fuse blows with the light out. yea as i get more experienced i will definitely replace the wiring im sure that would be the most lasting solution. thanks again. if anymore ideas i still would greatly appreciate them.
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Default tail lights

I'm starting to read post like these and it really make me stay and read some more because of the information that the people who are participating in this forum it's so nice to have these forum especially for now it's about tail light that i need to figure it out how to install where to buy how much it is.something like that.
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I have a CB400t and I had that problem the other day. definitely a short circuit on mine because of my wiring in the headlight. But just fyi the tail light fuse runs the running lights also. If you have the Clymer manual for the honda Twins, it has a great wiring diagram. It takes a couple minutes to figure it out but its not super duper hard.
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