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Extensive and tedious port-work, a 3mm overbore, and a set of cams (combined with the appropriate tune and intake and exhaust-pipe mods) will net you about 61hp.

Then the crankshaft will let go.

But hey - it's only Money. And yours to boot.
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Cool Seriously listen to this advice.

Originally Posted by sarnali2 View Post
Your bike is in such a mild state of tune I'm not sure you'll see any real benefit from doing a lot of modifications.....plus mods are a very personal thing, what's cool to you may totally remove any value when you try to sell or trade it for something else. I'm sounding like a wet blanket here but just ride the flippin' thing and gain some experience before you go buggering up a perfectly usable bike..

There are new riders always putting the cart before the horse and it usually involves parts. Even as someone who's roadraced and rode on the street for 23yrs. I personally always take the time and miles to get
truly aquinted with the power characteristics of any bike.

Learn every possible facet of riding cause in even two straight years you'll still be learning to ride. Anytime we ride we are always learning.
Good luck! Heed this advice Sarnali is extremely on point.
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My wife has an 01 spirit, even though she dosent ride it (but its still hers). The only performance related change I made to it was putting a smaller rear sprocket on it so its not screaming when riding down the highway. I went 3 teeth down and it has not seemed to effect the bottom end when pulling away from a stop. We have a friend with the same bike who did the hole saw mod, which is very popular with owners of these bikes. The bike is louder but with that dual pin crank it does not sound good and I have no doubt that its running lean.

If all you want is the bike to be louder put a quality aftermarket exhaust on it and get it jetted properly. If yours is anything like ours it runs like a swiss watch and it would be a shame to loose that. Dont expect any performance gains cause it isnt going to happen.

The thing I have done to ours is change the rear sprocket, I hard mounted leather saddle bags and moved the rear turn signals back with a custom bracket so the bags are not laying against them. It has a rear back rest and rack, a cobra light bar and a hondaline windshield which I would like to replace with a memphis shades batwing.

We have talked about selling it to make room for another bike but the bike is so inexpensive to own (insurance and tags) and runs so good and is a real kick to ride I just cant justify it with the amount of money I could expect to get from it.
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