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Mowhawk gnade
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Default What to use to clean a bike

I bought a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan vn800B today.
the previous owner left it outside and just rode it.
I want to clean it up as best as I can..

what is good for the windshield? is windex ok?
what about the wheels? any chrome polish? degreaser?

it has vynal saddle bags.
Is there anything to help those look better? saddle soap?

the bike is mechanicly sound and rides fine.
I just want to clean it up better..

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NO Windex on any plastic. Believe it or not, Lemon Pledge works good for puttin' a shine on paint and plastic both.

Otherwise, essentially wash it and care for it as you would a car.
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Honestly, with all the different spray on cleaner/waxes specifically for bikes out there I would chose the new Multi-surace Pledge. It's cheap and the stuff works. Otherwise, good old fashion soap and water work fine.
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I made a lengthy post on your other thread.

Concerning the bags, I'm a fan of the Lexol "VinylX" product for the black matte paint and vinyl surfaces. Lexol Leather Care

I talked to Sargent Cycles, and they recommended 303 Aerospace Protectant for their seats (those covered with Marine-Grade vinyl). Once you get past the purchase price, it seems to go on easily, and is supposed to be a superior protectant. I just bought an 18oz. bottle yesterday for $18 (at West Marine), so I cannot vouch for its effectiveness.
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