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Braskey1 06-05-2010 12:41 PM

Clutch won't disengage- help!
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Ok so the other day my clutch cable was very loose all of a sudden; I tightened it, and within an hour it was very loose again. I checked the cable and found it was worn and frayed so I replaced it. Now after installing the new cable, I have discovered there is no tension on the clutch release lever (on the clutch cover), it just moves freely and does nothing. I opened up the housing, and everything appears fine, except that the pusher (the part that connects the release lever to the clutch) just moves freely about 2cm in and out without doing anything and has no spring tension on it at all (not sure if this is normal).

Bottom line, the clutch will not disengage. If anyone knows how the parts in the clutch housing should operate under normal conditions (especially the 'pusher') it would be very helpful.


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