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Default 600 mile maintenance on my C50

OK, I'm already getting very close to the 600 mile mainentance (if I'm not careful, with Memorial Day weekend coming up, I may be a little over when I have it done next week- unless I go car camping this weekend and don't ride, which I may do just to stay under 600 miles).

Anyway, the dealer I bought from is about an hour away and I don't want to arrange a ride that far, and a closer dealer says it may take as long as 2-3 days (not to get an appointment, but for me to get it back once I drop off my bike). My car mechanic is a good guy, one of the best and most honest mechanics I've met. You know he is good- around here people take their classic cars and exotics to him (when I stopped by yesterday to ask if he will work on motorcycles he had a Ferrari there and I've seen everything from old Porche 356s to Rolls Royces there). Anyway, when I asked about working on bikes we got in quite the conversation- he has a Harley, and one of his hobbies is restoring, selling, and collecting old bikes (he had two old Triumphs, an old Suzuki and an old Honda there- as well as his everyday ride when he isn't driving his old BMW 5-series, a Harley, I think it was a Street Glide). So, he knows his way around a motorcycle.

Even though he isn't specifically a motorcycle mechanic, he knows and works on bikes. Is there any reason I should use a dealer or private motocycle specific mechanic? I know he will treat me well, and do a good job. He did ask that I get the oil and any parts I'll need since he doesn't stock motorcycle parts, so I will know anything he puts on or in my bike. He doesn't always work on bikes (though he does know how to) so that might be a disadvantage, but going to a mechanic you know and trust and who you know is honest and trustworthy is priceless.
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If you feel he knows what he's doing (and he's demonstrated as such) - I see no reason not to use him for regular maintenance.

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Just take a photocopy of the maintenance item 'checklist' for him to use.

And you might want to purchase the oil and filter before you take the bike in. He may not have the proper stuff, and it'd just slow down the process if he has to get them 'special'.
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