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Default new motorcycle, oil change question


I bought a new Suzuki 250 from the dealer last week and they said to bring the bike back in at 600 miles for an oil change. At first I thought it was for free but I found out that I would get charged. I am capable of changing the oil myself. Would my warranty still be good if I changed the oil myself? or does the dealer have to do it? Thanks. Jim
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You can change the oil yourself and do any other scheduled maintenance and keep your warranty intact. Federal law prohibits dealers from forcing you to use their service to maintain the warranty. Keep reciepts etc.

The 600 mile check includes checking chain tension, bolt torque, etc., so do that too.

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I'd pop the oil-receipts in a file somewhere though; if you ever have any Warranty Issues, and they want to attempt Denial of your claim because you didn't have the work done with them - merely pulling that file out will stifle that shyte.

I usually write the date of the oil-change, and the mileage on the receipt, as well as in a logbook (which can be just a few sheets of paper in your file).
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As hinted at by Ken, the first Dealer Service is 500 to 600 miles.

The service is usually designed to check the bike for proper adjustments, loose hardware, and in some cases they change the 'break-in' oil for the recommended oil.

That's what Triumph does, at least for the 955/1050 engines, where they have Dino oil for break-in, then they run on Synthetic from then on.

So, if you don't take it to the Dealer, make sure you do all the checks and tweaks listed in the Owner's Manual (or wherever).
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This is where negotiating with the F & I manager comes in. Sorry you didn't get the notice, but when I was a Finance Manager I would through in the break-in service if they bought stuff that they were dumb enough to through into the finance deal.
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Uh, this goes in motorcycle maintenance and mods. You really should have known...
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Routine maintence I'll do myself, but I'd leave the break in service to the dealer myself, not knowing all the specs for adjustment & what all is needing done. If your savvy enough to do it all I say go for it.
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