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Cool High RPM Slip - 1984 Honda Magna VF700

Alright guys, I got new fuses on my wife's bike after the isolated incident I previously posted about. I've taken it easy on the bike since and just done some local riding. The other day I was feeling a little more confident in the ol' girl, so after riding for 20 minutes or so and she was good and warm, I decided to run her through her paces just a bit. Starting from a light, I had a good clean stretch and cranked her out at about 85% throttle in first. All seemed great but at about 8500 rpm, her revs seemed to take off a little, hitting 10,000 rpm quick but seemed to be accompanied by a loss of power...uh-oh . I shifted and backed off and she seemed fine again. No slipping in the clutch, the throttle is responsive, almost abruptly so, but in no way troublesome. So a little way down the road, at another light, I try it again, winding her out, but at a lesser break-neck pace...At 9,000 rpm, the revs swang up quickly again and the bike seemed to loose a little power. Being near home and curious, I held the throttle there and the tach swung back down, bobbled just a tad, and then ran dead-true . The bobble may have been a reaction of my wrist at seeing her come down. Now I'm a bit worried, but I ride around the house for a little longer and I can't get her to repeat now. She seem's fine all the way to redline, and especially at low rpm. My immediate thought on the road was clutch, but I quicky realized that didn't add up at all. The bike starts out fine and disengages appropriately with clutch movement. My next thoughts scared me a little more..driveshaft joints or transmission. Shifts from 1st to second are pretty rough at times, and particularly coming down. I have seen the bike slip out of second a handful of times. 98% of the time, the bikes fine, but I know somethings warning me. What say you, the best and brightest of the 2-wheeled world?
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The early Magnas had poorly designed transmissions. They often blow at around 30K miles. I spent a couple years messing with one and sold it off cheap to get rid of it after spending far more than it was worth fixing the tranny. If the tranny goes, and since it is slipping out of 2nd occasionally you are near the point where it lets go, the gears and dogs alone will run near $500. Then there's the cost of pulling the engine, etc. Unless you can do the work yourself the cost of fixing the tranny is twice the value of the bike. If you figure all the costs of repairing the tranny yourself then it'll cost about what the bike is worth.

Sorry for the bad news, but those early Magnas are crap. Camshafts are soft too. Just ride it til it blows and then junk it.
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Dogs and slots,..mmmmmm.
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