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Default bike's starter keeps cranking after key is out of ignition

I will try to start my bike and it will try to start for the first few times then after the 3rd or 4th try the starter will keep cranking no matter what until I disconnect the battery (One time the seats were on and it just kept cranking still the starter finally stopped). Once I disconnect the battery it will stop cranking but if I reconnect the battery it will immediately start cranking again. About one month ago I tried starting the bike with my car so maybe almost everything is fried???? Battery holds 12.6v currently and all the lights come on as normal when I turn the key on for the first try. So.....Bad starter? starting relay? right handle bar switches? battery not pushing out the right amount of amps (even though it measures 12.6v)? something else?? I am so frustrated!!!!!
bike- 1994 suzuki gsxr 750w

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Probably damaged the starter relay. If the engine isn't firing either then you probably damaged the CDI unit. Could have taken the regulator too. Also inspect all wiring for melted/burnt insulation.

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+1 on the starter relay. Probably welded the main contactor.
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