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Post ulysses

I have a 2009 Ulysses - has anyone experienced a buzzing/vibration sound coming from the front of the bike near the handle bars - and if so what did you do to correct this/what's the cause?
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Not to be a smart@ss, TJ; but Dude- it's a Buell(TM).

They make funny noises when they aren't running.

Seriously, one way to locate the buzz is to have a buddy operate the throttle while you use your ears to locate the noise. You might want to get a mechanic's stethoscope. Have him/her slowly rev the engine up to where the noise happens.

One caution: Do this outside (so you don't kill yourselves), and it's a good idea to have a fan blowing on the front of the engine. It may take a good while to find the offending noise, and you don't want to overheat the beast.

Good luck!
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I had this issue & found it to be a (quick release) windshield mount that was fastened properly but had rattle room, I took it off bent it a little & jammed it back in place, problem solved. Yours probably isnt mechanical either but the engines vibration is setting it off.
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Default Buell owners unite!

Seriously, I have a 2008 Ulysses.

A common source of vibrartion rattle is the clutch handle, another is the horn rattling inside against the front cowl. Some Buell owners have noted the clutch cable hitting against the handlebar. I'd suggest getting the bike started and then holding the clutch lever in your hands, so as to not let it wiggle. Do you still hear it?

Unfortunately, without hearing the rattle, I can't definitively tell you what it is, but my guess would be the clutch lever.
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Similar buzzing-issues I've noted before on CBR600s, a Ninja 500, my FZ6 (once it passed about 46K miles) - all just different items that were not as tight as they could be - you hit a particular rev-frequency and they resonated in harmonic.

I don't recall noticing any of them once above a walking speed, whether that's just because I'm concentrating more-fully on WTF I'm doing, the revs are past the synchronization-range of the vibrations, or background and road-noise just drowned it out - I cannot say.

Until parts fall off it, I wouldn't fret too much over a little buzz. And if I did, I'd just sell the bike.
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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post
Not to be a smart@ss, TJ; but Dude- it's a Buell(TM).

They make funny noises when they aren't running.
Ain't that the truth!
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Do they rubber-mount the engine in a Uly? Obviously that's the source of the vibrations. It's just a matter of finding all the stuff that rattles and bangs because of it.

You might want to bungee a milk crate on the back for the first year. It'll be handy for carrying all the stuff that rattles off back home to reinstall.
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