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Lobo Ranger
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Question Tire Conversion

Alright Folks, I have a question that I'm sure someone has the answer to. I ride a 2005 A.I.H. Legend. The rear tire is a 240/40V R18. I am SICK of only getting about 1/3 of the use out of the tire since the center wears out long before the outer third on each side. I have heard about and talked to some riders that have put lo-pro automobile tires on their bikes and they report getting much better wear. What I need is how do I convert bike tire sizes to auto tire sizes or can advise me on a good auto tire to use in place of the bike tire. Most of my riding is in the 200mi radius of home style which in S.C. Can be anything from beach to mountains.
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Go to the Goldwing or Valkyrie sites for some interesting threads on the car tires.

My vote is to NOT do it to your bike.

With the geometry you have, your bike is not designed to turn anyway, but putting a square-profile tire on the back will make it very hard to turn, and will probably make the bike real 'squirrelly' in the transition as you try to lean the bike.

Try another brand of tire (assuming you can), and see if they make a "hi-mileage" model. There are several companies making tires with 'dual compound', where the center of the tire is a much harder/long wearing material.
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NO NO NO NO! Car tires are NOT designed for the forces a motorcycle puts on them.

I have the same problem, I just changed a rear with all the tread except a bald band down the middle. 1,000 miles on my Daytona trip and it already looks square. It's just part of the deal.

P-Rod's right about the multi-compound tires. I was planning on trying on of those, but had to grab what was available for Bike Week. Next time I'm getting one.
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A Star Ride
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What kinda mileage are you getting? You may just be expecting too much from them. I figure 6-8K is good 10K is unusually great.
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