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Default 86 honda magna 1100 need HELP!

So now that im gettin some money back from taxes... i thought i should try and get my bike running! Found this forum and figured id give it a try! had good luck on forums with my ford ranger, so hopefully will have similar luck with the bike!

Problem: Bike will not keep the battery charged.
Regulator/rectifier works, bike will run if i can start it, had to push start a few times (not fun on this thing...) but it wont charge the battery (bought a new one) I dont know enough about the bike to tell what i should do, so wondering if anyone had some advice? Or have had similar problem?

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There are others more qualified to help you, but I'll state the obvious, make sure batt cables arent frayed, or contacting anything unintentional. make sure signal, head & taillights arent pulling curent when not necessary. There are alot of good people here with more experience then I at issues like this, they'll check in soon enough, then the thread will get hijacked into a "Suzuki is better then Honda", and finally end in a global warming argument/heated discussion/debate.
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haha! Well the cables are good, and i dont think the lights are pulling that much, only took about 3 hours worth of riding, and if i shut off the bike, it'd be dead. And that was with the new battery. I'll see if i can do a better check this weekend on that though.

Thanks for the help. Hope it is just the lights draining. I like easy things!

Well we might as well get this out of the way here... Suzuki is better than honda which is better then kawasaki which is better then harley which is better than indian, which is better than suzuki which is better then... k? And the World is going to be destroyed by global warming by a devastating ice age while we all boil to death in the extreme heat produced by glaciers! lol! Covered the basis i think! Oh and god will smite us all after the flying spaghetti monster stops creating gravity with his noodley appendages and jesus will take us to the homeworld in his spaceship as we all give all our worldly possessions to each other...

hope i didnt get too carried away... lol!
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doing some research, can the stator be my problem? Trucks i can do, bikes im just not so familiar with.
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How can you say the reg/rec "works" if it won't charge the battery?

If you don't have 13.5-14.5 volts DC running, something's wrong.

To check the Stator, disconnect the three yellow wires (but don't short them together or against the frame in ANY WAY) and check for AC-voltage; should be 45-55 volts across each pair at idle/off-idle (A-B phase, B-C phase, A-C phase). DON'T run it that way for long, or you risk burning-out the windings. DON'T touch the wires while it's running, or you risk Electrocution (no I'm not shyttin' you). Did I mention NOT to short them against one-another or against the bike frame? Well, don't.

Imbalanced phases/dead phases means the Stator is bad. If it seems really low (like lower than 30v AC), and it doesn't rise with a quick blip of the throttle - stator could be bad, OR the magnets are weak/cracked on the flywheel (rare, but it happens).

If all that checks out - it's either a bad connection someplace, or the reg/rec. Or both. When you replace it, google "motorcycle regulator fan mod", and install one, as well as securely heatsink the reg/rec to the frame if possible.
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Since the alternator is putting out enough juice to run the bike there is likely a broken cable that keeps the current from reaching the battery. Get a wiring diagram and a multi-meter and start ringing it out. A wire can be broken inside the insulation. Or there could be lead oxidation on the connections. Clean the battery terminals and all connections with a wire brush.

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